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Here at Sterling Family Medicine, we seek to provide compassionate medical care, with you at the center of the health care team, for every stage in life. We believe that true wellness begins with a trusting relationship with a provider who can relate and truly empathize with your spiritual, physical , emotional and mental needs. From infants, nursing mothers , adolescents , individuals living with disabilities and seniors, our purpose is to provide a safe space for all to thrive.
Based in Vernon CT, we are open and available to serve the surrounding community with in person and , housecalls and telehealth medical visits.

Isaac Ampofo, DNP, NP-C

Isaac Ampofo, DNP, NP-C, is a doctorally prepared family nurse practitioner and co-owner of Sterling Family Medicine. A graduate of the University of Ghana, the University of Connecticut, and Yale University, he augments his clinical knowledge with a strong background in business and project management and leads the business end of the practice.  In addition to co-owning Sterling Family Medicine, he also owns AMP Home Care Solutions and AKIO Sports Management. He also serves as a private consultant to aspiring home healthcare business owners. In his free time, he enjoys playing soccer, spending time with family, and traveling.

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